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Polish company looking for subcontractor specialized in machining of shaft, sleeve and forgings in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine

A Polish company offering products and services for the energy, chemistry, petrochemicals and other industries is looking for partners for machining shafts, sleeves and forgings in accordance with the company's documentation under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement. Partners are sought in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Polish company offering products and services including the production, assembly and repair of high-, medium- and low-pressure piping elements, tanks, small and large-size mechanical devices and steel constructions for the energy, chemical, petrochemical and other industries is looking for partners specialised in machining shafts, sleeves and forgings.
Potential partner should be located in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine.
Company was established in 2000 in south-eastern Poland. The company offers manufacturing a very wide range of products. The main groups of product offered to Clients are large equipment / constructions as well as pipelines and pressure equipment for power plants and combined heat and power plants.
The company is  looking for a company / partner specializing in metalworking with the following dimensions:
- Machining shafts with a diameter ø340mm and length L= 2045mm according to the attached sample drawing.
- Machining of the sleeve with an outer diameter of ø508mm, an inner diameter of ø340mm + 0.4 + 0.6 and length L = 698mm according to the attached sample drawing
- Machining of forgings with outside diameter ø510mm, inside diameter ø340mm + 0.2 + 0.4 and length L = 600mm according to the attached drawing

The cooperation types considered:
- manufacturing agreement- Polish company is looking for manufacturer of products.
- subcontracting - Polish company would like to assign machining of products.
The aim of the cooperation is to establish medium or long-term cooperation with foreign partner.



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
info [at] een [dot] lv
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Thursday, 29 July, 2021