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Greek inventor of ecological electronic insect trap requests supplier of heat - movement sensor

A Greek entrepreneur has developed an electronic trap designed to capture and exterminate insects in an environmentally-friendly way. The Greek client is looking for technical co-operation and manufacturing agreement with a partner company in US, China, Italy, France or Spain that can supply a heat or movement sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect small insects such as mosquitos, in order to complete the device.

The Greek client is an entrepreneur and inventor, with experience and know-how in developing specialised devices for specific applications, such as for the agricultural sector.

The client has invented an electronic trap, which incorporates an insect detection system, and an electric device that creates an electrical current to exterminate the insect, quickly and effectively.

In this current stage of its development, it uses a standard electrical battery, which is set at 220V operating current. In the second (experimental) stage of the device, a self-recharging battery using solar power will be included as a cleaner energy source. 

Currently, the device is capable of detecting an insect that is about half the size of a common house fly (musca domestica).

The device is constructed as follows (see attached diagram below for details):-
A1 – entry chamber
A2 –  photo cell
A3 – odorous substance to attract insects
B1 – collector
B2 – divider (opening inwards only – not reversible, so insect is trapped)
B3 – thin grille for electric current to pass through
C – electrical current generator
D – solar-powered battery

The purpose of this technology request is to find a partner who can supply a chip capable of detecting insects of even smaller size. This would give the added advantage of being used for specialised cases, such as capturing olive fruit flies (bactrocera oleae) in olive tree groves, and mosquitoes in marsh areas.

This device has a variety of possible applications. Apart from its use in agricultural areas, it can also be placed where food is served or displayed (such as hotels, restaurants), since it could be used against fruit flies. In addition, it could be positioned in areas affected by red fever and malaria in order to trap and exterminate tiger mosquitoes and tsetse flies. 

The Greek client is interested in concluding a technical co-operation and manufacturing agreement with a manufacturer in US, China, Italy, France or Spain. The partner would provide the heat or movement sensor with a highly-sensitive chip capable of detecting small-sized insects (such as mosquitos). Then, once the device is completed with the addition of this sensor, the foreign partner would then manufacture the device, with the support of the Greek entrepreneur in order to comply with the technical specifications.



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