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10.3 Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables

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French company is looking for manufacturer of glass bottles

A young French company specialised in agribusiness produces fresh and healthy juice. The SME is looking for an industrial manufacturer of 20 centilitres glass bottles for its fresh juice. A long-term manufacturer partner is sought for a manufacturing agreement.

A French company is specialised in fresh juice production for consumers and distributors. Its main activity is to develop several kinds of juice extracted from herbs, vegetables and fruits such as mint, parsley, carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon, raspberries, zucchini, cabbage, chives, cucumber... The firm aims to offer to its customers, pure functional juice 100% natural from cold extraction to keep all vitamins and nutrients, in ultra-fresh, organic and locally produced.

The company used to commercialize its fresh juice in plastic bottles. In order to become more aware about environmental issues, the SME is looking for an industrial manufacturer partner to provide 20 centilitres glass bottles instead of its plastic bottles. The glass bottles needs to be 100% recyclable. The company wants to be more environmentally friendly through this approach.

The 20 centilitres glass bottles must have a simple shape and should be available for an order of 10 000 bottles.

A manufacturing agreement is sought with a long-term partner. 



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