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UK-based SME seeks manufacturers for their functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles

A UK-based SME is developing a range of functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles with enhanced properties which can be replaced with metallic counterparts  at a lower cost. The SME is looking for a partner to manufacture these nanoparticles for applications in the medical sector with the partnership envisage as a manufacturing agreement.

Nanoparticles are used for a range of applications in the medical and health fields, such as for surface coatings, drug delivery and for research.These nanoparticles tend to be metallic, such as gold or silver, and as a result are expensive.

A UK-based SME is developing functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles using elements such as silica, alumina or carbon to provide the functional benefits of more conventional nanoparticles but at a lower costs. The SME is developing these nanoparticles for a range of applications such as biomolecular research, drug delivery and as coatings for medical devices as well as for antimicrobial surfaces. 

The SME is looking to partner with another company who would be able to manufacture the non-metallic nanoparticles to the standards required by the healthcare sector such as Good Laboratory Practice. The partner should also be able to manufacture in a range of quantities enabling the SME to scale from research and development to early commercialisation. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a manufacturing agreement.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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United Kingdom
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Sunday, 15 March, 2020