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Manufacturing partners are sought for encapsulated cannabidiol enriched olive oil

An Italian startup active in the field of pharmaceutical technologies has developed an encapsulated cannabidiol enriched olive oil. The company is now willing to bring the product from lab-scale to progressive scale-up and production and is looking for a contract manufacturing organisation expert in encapsulation technology via prilling/spheronization technique. Cooperation is sought with companies of any size, through manufacturing agreement (private label) or joint venture agreements.

An Italian university spin-off located in North-West Italy (Piedmont Region), specialised in R&D formulation by encapsulation in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical fields, has developed innovative gelled beads containing a core of olive oil enriched with cannabidiol (CBD) extract. The beads were developed through a technique named prilling/spheronization, using alginate as a shell material.

Two main groups of beads were developed: the first one was produced by concentric noozle, having a pleasant oily liquid core (not perfectly centred) and releasing the oil when they are squeezed. The second group has been produced by inverse gelation: the core is a white emulsion that enhances the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) bioavailability. Both products are already used and well appreciated both in food/nutraceutical sector and in cosmetics. The company already produced several samples of about 30/70 g in lab-scale, receiving expressions of interest by several canapa distributors and producers. They are now looking for a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), with a view to scaling up production volumes to kilos and then to large-scale production. The CMO shall be approved both in case of cosmetic products (according to Cosmetic Products Notification Portal - CPNP), and in case of food/nutraceutical products. The Italian company is open to cooperation agreements with both SMEs and large industries, owning specific expertise in encapsulation technology via prilling/spheronization technique, interested in collaborating under manufacturing agreement (private label) or joint venture agreement.

In both cases, partner company is expected to manufacture the products developed  by the Italian company on a large scale and to market them under its own label.


For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Sunday, 5 April, 2020