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Spanish public body seeks development of an e-infrastructure platform for environmental monitoring

A Spanish public body is looking for industrial partners or research institutions who can develop and implement an e-infrastructure with the capability to spatially integrate and manage several environmental online data coming from online storage platforms as well as other sources of information. This cloud based system will store, manage, maintain and offer possibilities of exploitation of the information collected. Partners are sought for technical cooperation agreement.

The environmental management, the administrations with competences in the monitoring of the environment and  the development of indicators demand a large number of geo-referenced variables.

The volume and scales of detail on them (remote sensing, cadastre, uses, habitats, climate, risks, etc.), the dizzying and increasing speed with which they occur (update periods) and its variety (structured and unstructured data) makes necessary to speak of spatial big data.

This new big data from environmental information demands has driven this Spanish public body to seek new developments of applications that facilitate storage, treatment and analysis in quasi real time. Developments are also requested to facilitate and normalize spatial integration processes to feed future applications.

Technological solution should take into account the following 3 aspects:

  1. Novel strategy for the spatial integration of main environmental variables needed by the requester. It will be necessary to make use of multi-scale and multi-dimension grids.
  2. An advanced cloud computing framework which allows different models to optimize costs and response times.
  3. Development of web applications (geoviewer, scientist graphics...)

The Spanish public authority is looking for research organizations or industries, preferable SMEs, working in the fields of cloud computing and big data who are able to provide already available in the market solutions, prototypes or know-how to reach a technical cooperation agreement for spatially integrating and managing several environmental online data coming from several sources of information. 


For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Thursday, 13 August, 2020