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A Brussels SME offering flexible thin film solar modules is looking for a company that can provide induction/laser technology for the development of wireless solar modules.

A Brussels-based SME would like to expand its activities in the field of solar energy with the development of a wireless solar panel. They want to enter into a research cooperation agreement with a technology partner that can offer laser or induction technologies that can be integrated to the cells part of solar modules to run the electrical part of the photovoltaic technology. 

A Brussels-based SME active in the field of flexible thin film solar modules and specialized in offering EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services for the installation of flexible thin film solar modules is looking to provide new solutions in niche markets with solar energy applications. The company is currently exploring the development of a wireless solar module, to create low weight solar modules without cables. They are looking for partners that can offer induction or laser technologies which are needed to operate the electrical part of photovoltaic    panels.  

The wireless solar module concept is built upon the electrical part of mainstream solar modules that contain 2 or 3 diodes that are supported by cables transporting the produced energy. The innovativeness of creating a wireless solar panel is that the cable part, starting from the diodes on the modules up to the plug of the general cable that goes into the invertor/converter, is replaced by a complete wireless  transport system. This can be done via the integration of induction or laser techniques. The initial cells part of the solar module would remain unchanged, but would need to be further enabled by a wireless energy transportation system facilitated by an induction or laser technology.  

Therefore the company is looking for a laser / induction technology partner, with expertise on the electrical part of the solar module, to enable the wireless transportation of the produced energy which can only be facilitated by laser or induction technology. 

The company is interested to enter into a research cooperation agreement. 


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Monday, 10 August, 2020