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UK company seeks partners who posses or are interested in researching advanced image processing technology for crime sector.

The UK company have developed an image processing platform that helps law enforcement agencies with victim identification investigations in online child exploitation cases.  The company are seeking partners who have advanced image processing technology or internet investigation technology. Types of partnership considered are joint venture, technical and research cooperation agreements.

UK SME have developed a platform to help law enforcement agencies with victim identification investigations in online child exploitation cases, by using image searching tools to search the open Internet for photographs taken with the same camera as abuse imagery, potentially leading to the owner of a camera. 

The service is currently used by law enforcement agencies internationally and has been instrumental in a number of successful child victim rescues. In the last year, the company have successfully processed over one billion images from the open web.

The company are looking for technology (specifically algorithm) providers that can add value to their dataset in ways that benefit their users and allow them to make investigative connections and eventually lead to increased solution of criminal cases.

The company seeks to engage in joint venture agreements with organisations, specifically to looking to develop new image processing technology to improve victim identification.  They are also open to technical cooperation agreements with any such organisations who already possess innovative technology in the image processing domain.  The goal is to improve the worldwide bank of know-how in this sector and reduce crime.

The company is also seeking to engage in research cooperation agreements with organisations internationally in the crime sector, to begin research in application of image processing technology for new sectors. This could be achieved by application for joint funding or joint proposals to public sector bodies.



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