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Danish startup seeks manufacturer of extruded plastic foil with sealing capabilities

An award-winning Danish company has developed a simple solar-powered water purifier, which is currently being used by well-known charity organisations in Africa. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a partner from Asia or Africa, who can make the extruded plastic film on roll stock, as well as seal the plastic film into a bag and attach a spout, and who can deliver large quantities.

The young Danish start-up company was formed in 2018, to help provide clean water in Africa. The founders were aware that 2,2 billion people worldwide had no access to clean water, and that the only way to purify it, was by burning scarce resources such as wood and charcoal or using chemicals. They adapted existing technologies to create solar driven water purifiers, which use no chemicals, and harness both ultraviolet (UV) A and UV-B rays, as well as the heat of the sun, to remove more than 99,99% of pathogens. The purifying units are simple to use, cheap to provide and contribute not only to increased health, but also a reduction in CO2 and deforestation. The products have been tested in field conditions in several places in Africa, by a number of aid organisations and the company now expects significant orders. 

They are therefore looking for a manufacturing agreement with a company who can provide them with prototypes, construction advice and a finished product. 

The product can in general be described as a plastic bag able to hold 4 litres of water, with a spout sealed in the top and a clip-mounted handle. The plastic film must be UV transparent in the full UV-A and UV-B spectrum (285-400 nm), and must be able to be printed on both sides. Long term weather resistance is absolutely crucial. At present, the company uses mono-layer linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE) but is open to other suggestions. 

The sealing must be of high quality, and able to withstand drop tests of at least 1,20m. A 33mm spout is sealed in the bag. Other solutions with the same performance can also be considered. 

The company is looking for a manufacturer able to assist them to improve the design, create a prototype and produce a small production in 2019 of 10.000 units, with 500.000 units for delivery in 2020.
The units are currently manufactured in southern China, but due to technical issues, the client is looking for a new manufacturing agreement. So, in order to keep the prices as low as possible, the company is looking at an Asian or African manufacturer only. 



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Sunday, 4 October, 2020